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Thanks for wanting to check out my daily “Money Making Activity” and “Busy Work” Tracker download.


Daily “Money Making Activity” Tracker

I’m super excited to share this with you and have no doubt that if you stick with this tracker or something similar that you will start seeing more results in your business faster.

We are all busy individuals these days and no matter what type of lifestyle we live (stay home mum, full-time worker etc) It seems that if we don’t start scheduling and planning out our day (especially for our business) that we will instead be running on chance instead of on daily consistent action.




In the daily  “Money Making Activity” tracker you will see that prospecting is the number one task you should schedule and in my mind that should be the biggest focus and number one task that should be done each and every day.

All your other tasks can be prioritized through the week for when it suits you to fit them in and when you can put the allocated time needed into each task individually. 

You will see at the bottom of the page on the “Money Making Activity’ tracker that I have set out for you what I believe to be enough time to spend on each task on whatever days you choose.


“Busy Work” Activities Tracker

We all seem to get “Busy” within our day, and even though these tasks are still important to us, they aren’t the tasks that are going to grow our income. This is why I feel that these tasks should be second priority to the “Money Making” activities and that we still need to schedule them into our days/weeks, but purely only schedule them in if we have free time to add them to our day/week – NOT MAKE THEM PRIORITY BEFORE ANY “MONEY MAKING ACTIVITY”.

You will see that on this “Busy Work” tracker that I have Team support/Team training at the top of the document. The reason for this is: If we aren’t putting time into helping out team learn, grow, support and train them, then we can’t expect them to duplicate that and grow or train their own individual teams as well. 

I sincerely hope you find this daily tracker of use for your business like I do. 

Why not print a few copies, set out your monthly schedule each month (I find Sunday evenings great to do this) and get to work! You will be surprised what you can fit in to your day, even if you have a hectic lifestyle.


Keep Being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx 


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