Daily Method of Operation

I had never really heard of a DMO until late last year, and now it seems to be popping up in my daily life a lot lately, so I think its time I start using one!!

Having a DMO helps you to feel more organised, more productive and less overwhelmed, less flustered and less frustrated.

A DMO is a daily schedule of specific tasks to help you grow and succeed in your business and in life. It’s consistent daily action that you’ve written down and planned out and then follow each day.

If your only starting out, find two really strong traits you have and base your DMO around that. It makes more sense to be productive in the tasks your strong and confident with than to try to fiddle around doing a range of things that you’re not very experienced or good at; which could actually make you waste more time.

Write down a step by step process you need to do everyday and how much time it takes to complete each step and stick to it. Overtime, you may need to tweak and analyse your DMO to see where your strong points are and how long it takes you to get those tasks done. As you get better at them, you can spend less time on them and add something else you want to perfect into the daily DMO.

Work out how many hours a day you can put into your business schedule and stick to it – BEING EFFICIENT IS YOUR FRIEND!!

I am now using Trello for my Daily Method of Operation and love it!! Its free and very easy to set up. If you would like to see if trello works for you, you can try it by clicking here

Why not set out your weekly DMO and let me know how you go with it.

Janelle Emma xx


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