Creating Belief And Being Self Aware


Self awareness is one of the most important attributes of an entrepreneur; understanding yourself and what it is you really should be doing.

Be self-aware and in charge of your business: This is YOUR business and you need to take all aspects of it seriously, not just dipping your toe in and treating it like a small hobby. Network marketing is a legitimate profession and industry, just because the sign up costs are far less than the cost you would outlay to set up a traditional small business with many overheads, that doesn’t mean that you should take this any less serious or think that you should be able to do barely any daily action or work to get your business off the ground and creating long-term success for yourself.

We have to be aware of where we are within our business to know how to move forward.

Firstly ask yourself:

  1. Where are you with skills?
  2. Where are you with mindset?
  3. Where are you with strategies?
  4. Where are you with commitment?
  5. Where are you with passion?
  6. Where are you with consistency?

Take a good look at these questions and even write them down with a rating of 1-10 for where you are with each of these. Then you will start to get a clear picture of what tasks you need to work on and perfect first, what strengths you have and what actions to put in place to move forward.

Being an entrepreneur in network marketing comes with being aware that you need to learn many skills, many strategies and having the mindset of always being willing to learn something new every single day.

It’s been said that if you take your network marketing business seriously, you will start seeing true success and momentum after about 2-5 years. The reason for this is, usually most people stepping into network marketing have never done this profession before, so they not only have to learn about their company and products, but it’s also paramount that they learn the skills of network marketing overall and they learn what daily tasks need to take place, what strategies need to be implemented and how to perfect all of that as they go along.

Eric Worre always states that it takes 7 years to become a network marketing professional, so cutting ourselves some slack and taking the time to learn all the skills and strategies required will be what helps us to get to where we want to be and create amazing success in that time.

Another true fact from Eric Worre is: Network Marketing is the entrepreneurial starter kit. It will give you all the tools you need to be an entrepreneur and will give you an opportunity that’s a fraction of the cost of other entrepreneur opportunities, a fraction of the risk, but you still have to learn the strategies and have to be committed and bring passion, develop your skills, change your mindset and BE CONSISTENT EVERYDAY if you want true long-term success in the industry.

If you aren’t willing to take all of this on board, you can’t expect any sort of amazing results.

All of this comes down to self-awareness, get educated on where you have to go, what to do moving forward and raise yourself up to your bigger potential.

Go into the next phase of your business with your eyes open, because when you do that, you have the ability to solve any problem that is put in front of you, and impact many lives along the way.

Take a listen to my video below for more insight on this.

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Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring.

Janelle Emma xx

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