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Do you find a lot of people are out there on social media spamming the name of their products and company all over the place? I see it A LOT and it really isn’t going to attract anyone to want to learn about what you promote. If you are spamming your company name or product name all over your social media platforms, the only thing that is going to do is make people head over to google and search what it’s all about instead of coming to you to find out more information. We all know google isn’t always a credible source and so lets not be sending people there to make their decision on what you’re offering them or anyone else who sees your posts. 

Creating curiosity will always encourage people to reach out to you and find out more information.

The video below goes into some examples of what to do and what not to do when posting on your social media platforms.



We all like to buy or purchase things that we like, but most humans dislike being sold on something. Why not just share what you promote & love in a way that creates curiosity and makes people reach out to you! Attraction Marketing is key, and I love that I’m learning how to attract people to me through social media. It sure does take the pressure off feeling like you’re a salesman and shows people your just providing value on what your passionate about. 

If you want to learn the platform I use that’s helping attract people to me, click HERE for more info.

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