Business Presentation TIP to help you CLOSE instead of turning people away

Do You get many rejections or objections when you have finished presenting your opportunity to prospects?

Are you hearing objections like:

  • Is this a pyramid
  • I want to think about it
  • Let me talk to my spouse

About 80% of the time, the reason the prospect is hesitant or they say no, is because they don’t get that feeling from you that this is something they could see themselves doing. You’ve got to give them that vision.

The way you are presenting to them could seem very hard, too long or purely too much talking involved and that could completely scare them off.

We also need to think about the way we come across in terms of professionalism: Are we being too professional, telling too many facts. Are we too polished and perfect?

Show them you are more relatable and someone they see themselves resonating with to make them believe they can also be up there presenting the way you are. If you are too perfect and polished, it’s very unlikely the people you are speaking to have that perfect, polished mindset.

Be real, be relatable, be yourself and that’s part of how they will see that they can duplicate what you are doing.

You have to ask yourself: Is this simple enough when I’m sharing it with someone? Does it show my prospects they can also do this.

A good way to have a duplactable presentation is to add a company video in there. This makes it simple, all the hard work is taken out of it because the video speaks for itself and then you just have to back that video up with a bit more explanation and overview. You will then find that people see that as something they can possibly present to their own friends, family and warm market.

Get your team together and ask them honestly if they feel the presentation is duplicatable or not. Ask the team to come up with ideas of how it can be simplified, if they feel it’s too long-winded or there is too much talking involved. Make it super attractive to new members and prospects.

You don’t want your prospects thinking:

  • “This is going to take up too much of my time”
  • “This isn’t something I can do with my friends, family, warm market”

If they have that thought process, that’s when you will get those objections about “pyramid schemes” or having to go home and “think about it”.

You don’t want resistance at the closing of a presentation, you want to make it as simple and duplicatable as you can. Ask yourself if you see it is realistic to someone who’s seeing this for the first time.

Not having a presentation that’s realistic, simple or duplicatable is one of the BIGGEST reasons you will get objections.

We will of course still get people saying NO and that’s OK, we don’t want everyone in our business, we want the ones who see this opportunity for what it is and be excited about that from the get go.

Take the pressure off yourself to “close” every sale by thinking you have to be perfect and polished and explain the whole overview of the company, product and business all at once. This creates overwhelm, confusion and scares people away.

You will be far less uptight, far more confident and have a better closing rate if you are not addicted to the outcome and if your presentation was a simple, validated presentation with a video or two added.

Did you get value from this? Why not share your ideas on how a presentation can be simplified and duplicated with ease.

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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