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In the network marketing industry you truly do have to enjoy the process of meeting new people and enjoying the company of others.

Learn to love people and find them fascinating!

Network marketing is a people business, you are here to NETWORK which means you need to have the mindset that you love people so much that you will literally be adding people to your database daily and enjoy doing it each time. 

A good rule of thumb is to keep your database open and follow-up forever!! The only time you cross someone out of your database is if they are totally negative… don’t want those ones in your business anyway.

If you treat your business professionally and invite correctly, you should never lose friends by sharing your products or opportunity. Don’t forget to be yourself and authentic to you. There’s nothing worse than approaching friends in a way that is weird and very different to the way you would usually approach them, doing that will never serve you well.

Your main aim is to collect friends and new contacts information all the time. Ask questions, listen and keep adding their information to your database each time you speak to them. You just never know in the distant future if circumstances change for that person and they end up coming back to you asking you more information on your business!! I’ve had that happen to me…you never know who is secretly watching you!  

If your out in public and meeting new people that way, always add these people’s names to your phone. This means that you can easily contact them for follow-up reasons if-and-when the time is right, but also so you can then enter that persons details from your phone into your database at the end of each day with all of their information you need. There’s nothing worse than getting prospects information written down on an old receipt or napkin and then loosing it before you actually get the chance to contact them again.

An awesome script that I’ve learned lately which is great to use on the prospects who state that they are “too busy” to do this profession, is…….

Prospect: “Sorry my days, afternoons and weekends are filled up with work, kids sports, school commitments, church commitments etc so I wouldn’t have time to build a network marketing business.

Your Response: “Awesome, you just wrote out your own database!!    

How cool is that!! Honestly, a lot of the people out there who have the busiest lives are the ones who seem to become successful quickly in this industry…..they talk to many people in their circle of friends daily, they are no-doubt well-respected in the community and usually they are the ones who have the most drive and determination to want to learn what true leverage through residual income is to get them out of the daily grind they know so well.

Check out my video below for more ideas on how to build your database…..please excuse my daughter in the video haha, today was one of those typical mum days and I’m sure if you are a mum yourself, you will understand my pain and giggles as I try to get myself through this video without slipping and loosing track of my thoughts too much haha.……. #MumLife #LifeOfAHomeBizMum



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Keep being Consistent and Authentic

Janelle Emma xx

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