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Today I was on a very informative training call with Rachel Jackson and Romacio Fulcher two very successful Entrepreneurs that could literally change the way I think and project what I do in my home based business. There were some major nuggets shared from some very inspiring people and I want to share them with you.

I honestly think you could be apart of any home based business opportunity and use these skills along the way. Let me know what you think!!

** Wisdom comes from great mentors and making mistakes*** find yourself a great mentor!!


If you build a business with only the Product or judge who you share with, you will only build a business on retailing. We want to build a leveraged business, so, listen to people and find what they need, find a pain and connect with that.


5 Mindsets of a Recruiter

(I loved how the whole training was based on focusing on your own mindset, we cant really be that successful if we have the wrong mindset, and this was stressed throughout the whole phone call)



– Most top recruiters have incredible ownership (“If its meant to be, its up to me”) this is a quote a lot of top recruiters live by.


– Not everyone is going to fit into your business, they may not connect with you personally, they may not like what you promote, you may not like the person they are, but sifting and sorting is crucial, so go through the numbers daily!!


– Always have your eyes/ears open to find good talent and make an effort to approach them. Rachel said shes constantly looking for people who are smart, highly motivated, etc


-Rachel said don’t be an inverted paranoid and worrying about what people may think, her mindset is thinking that everyone wants to know about her business and everyone wants to be apart of it. She tells herself everyday “I am attracting the right people into my business”; Find an affirmation similar to this that you love and say it constantly. Change your mindset, change your life!! Pretty cool words hey!!


– Always be the one that constantly has a positive attitude and positive outlook on life, and Rachel says dont just act like that in front of certain people but be that internally and genuinely.


Next up Rachel spoke of:

4 habits highly successful business people have

  1. Make the decision to go all in (fire your excuses)
  2. Develop a Lead strategy (make a daily plan of action)
  3. Talk to people daily (add them to your list of contacts)
  4. Show the plan daily (dont just add people to a list and never approach them about what you do, share what you do daily as well)


So I love that Rachel says to have a burning desire to be resourceful, write down ideas of ways you can get in-front of people. YOUR LIST IS YOUR GREATEST ASSET. have a lead strategy in place.

40 ways to generate leads:

  1. Your Family/Friends
  2. Work Collegues
  3. Your children’s friends parents
  4. Any service you receive (fuel station, hairdresser, car detailer, beauty salon)
  5. Childhood long lost school friends (go through old year books)
  6. Neighbors
  7. Church groups
  8. Email contacts
  9. Social Media contacts
  10. Everyone you come into contact with
  11. Refer a friend (ask all existing customers to refer people to you, and give a free gift for referral)
  12. Flyers (leave at schools and sports clubs)
  13. Leave a company magazine or brochure at doctors offices, dentists etc
  14. Meet one person each time you get groceries
  15. Leave a business card with everyone you meet, tell them your looking for amazing people.
  16. Join a chamber of commerce and/or host them
  17. Join networking groups in your area
  18. Collect business cards (buy a local business owner lunch)
  19. Sponsor a local event (and give something away for free)
  20. Join
  21. Form or create your own local group and become an expert at what you do
  22. Have your own seminars (start small, have classes or workshops for locals)
  23. Contact radio stations (some still have free advertising)
  24. Newspaper ads (run 3 month ads and give something away for free)
  25. Strategic relationships with companies that can promote your product through their biz
  26. Put flyers in letterboxes
  27. Wear merchandise with catchphrases that catches peoples attention to ask about it
  28. Have a banner decal on your car
  29. Join Facebook groups in your niche
  30. Start a fan page and advertise on it
  31. Cold call
  32. Cold walk ins (restaurants, gyms, health shops)
  33. Join exercise classes and go to different ones to make new friends
  34. Do a trade show
  35. Ask people you know for 5 contacts they know!! Awesome
  36. Create YouTube videos and put your company website at the bottom
  37. Start a blog and blog weekly
  38. Call business owners, newspapers and ask to be a columnist
  39. Organize block parties in your street, have products to hand out and try
  40. Purchase leads

Wow aren’t these amazing nuggets!!! there’s so many on this list above I’m going to try or re try.


4 Steps to help you grow

  1. Do 1 hour of personal growth learning/activity everyday (Who you are is who your going to attract) (dress to impress, act the part, be the positive influence)
  2. Follow up better than anyone else does (it can take 5 or more follow ups for success)
  3. Do more than others will (get up earlier, go to more events than others do, take care of your customers; send birthday cards etc)


So there you go, I hope you’ve learned as much as I have and are as excited as I am to put it all into action!!


Id love to hear your comments about it all, so feel free to leave a message for me.


Many Thanks

Janelle xx



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