Better Time Management For Quicker Results In Your Business

Everyone is super busy these days and no matter what profession or industry we are in or even if we are a stay home mum we really need to learn the crucial skills of time management!

I want to go through some strategies with you that you can be implementing to manage your time better and not only that, but also how you can show other super busy people how they can do this industry and manage their time more efficiently as well. Even if they have extremely busy lives.

Have a look at what you can be working on which equates to the most results in your business as fast as possible. These results will only come from income producing activities, or money-making activities, whatever you like to call them…. 

The first thing to learn is the 80/20 rule! 20% of your activities are going to contribute to 80% of your results! TRUE FACT. Read more on that HERE.

That is a really good statistic, especially if you’re a busy person. Because then you will actually know that you only need to put in 20% of the amount of time needed for this to work and to produce the most results in your business.

So lets break down and look at what those activities are and the ones that make you the most money in network marketing.

  1. Prospecting
  2. Inviting and Booking appointments
  3. Presenting
  4. Follow up/Closing
  5. Training and Personal Development

I go through those more in-depth in the video below as well. check it out.

So those are your money-making activities and everything else, if it doesn’t fall into those categories, then it’s not a money-making activity and you shouldn’t be focusing on it AT ALL unless you have extra time in the day to do that. 

Creating yourself strategies for time management and knowing where in the day that you can fit these money-making activities in, plus actually implementing and doing them consistently will be what separates you from the amateurs. Amateurs would prefer to do “busy work” and honestly need to stop the busy work and actually get to work!

A good way to start better managing your time, is to have yourself some form of chart or diary that you can write down your daily tasks and how long in the day you are going to put time into doing each of them.

An example I give in this video is: Say you’re a busy 9-5 employee and you get a 30-60 minute lunch break each day……you could be utilising this time wisely and setting aside say 20 minutes for prospecting or 10 minutes to get on the phone and do some follow ups. Make sure your colleagues and friends know to also not disturb you in this precious time that you have and make yourself get to work!! 

If you consistently do this daily/weekly you will soon start to seen results and success from this.

I’d love to share my own personal Daily Money Making Activity Tracker with you that could help you stay on track for your business to thrive. Click this button below to access the download.




You can also click HERE to head over to my other post that discusses more about this topic as well.

I myself am a stay home mum and it’s really hard for me to try to be on the phone or computer for any length of time due to my kids needing my attention. But I still make sure that I set daily money-making activities and my girls are starting to know, respect and understand that I need that time to help my business grow which in turn will obviously give our family a brighter future. I also do more money-making activities in the evenings while my kids are asleep. My evening activities include, zoom meetings with prospects, following ups and personal development (journal, read etc)


Was this of value to you? I’d love for you to share with us in the comments below, the types of strategies you implement daily into your busy schedule which helps you have success from those money-making activities.

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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