Attraction Marketing – What To Talk About To Attract People To You

Attraction Marketing is very powerful, and I find the best way to explain it, is to lead with value. Give things to your target market that’s of value to them and their struggles to attract people back to you.

Most of us are unaware that attraction marketing is everywhere. The example I give in the video, is for example, a large company like “bunnings” which are a hardware store in Australia. Now bunnings do attraction marketing very well and that’s why we go back time and time again to buy from them. Check out the video for my example as to how well bunnings do attraction marketing.

In the home business and network marketing industries, we can do attraction marketing in many ways through, video’s, blogs, webinars etc. and what happens is, because your providing FREE value to your market place, and your sincerely helping people with their struggles and concerns, you will then start to see people following you and reaching out to you! VERY POWERFUL!

In the end, these people will start to know, like and trust you and over time be more inclined to use you as a coach or buy things from you, or even join your team. Building that rapport is the biggest asset you can have for yourself in this regard. So get good and finding what their pain and struggles are and be someone who truly wants to help those people in need.

So lets look at what you talk about to attract people to you! Firstly, you need to work out who it is you want to help, and who it is you’re trying to attract.

You want to know what it is that they are troubled with, what problems they have, what do they like to talk about and what problems you can solve for them.

  1. Look up “best-selling” books for your niche (amazon is a good place to start), these books are best sellers for a reason, because they are providing great value to their niche or target market. This will give you ideas about your niche with what people are interested in knowing. Then go and use that to help the people you know who are struggling.
  2. Top 10 blog posts for your niche: Use google to find the top ten blog posts, see what these people are blogging about and put your own spin on it, in your own words and share that with your people if those blog posts relate to them.
  3. Forums: Because forums are another online gathering place, why not go into these forums and see what people are discussing, then if the discussions are relatable to your target market, go and find the answers to their concerns and answer those questions!! 

By doing these three steps, you will start to create yourself as more of a credible person to your market place, and people will start to see you as someone of value. 

Did you get value from this? If so, why not drop a comment below, or share this with your team if you think it would help them.

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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