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Think about being the “hunted” instead of the “hunter”……do you think that scenario would be something you would prefer to be happening in your business instead of you just out there trying to personally find people to talk to on a daily basis??

That is the foundation of Attraction Marketing and when we use the right strategies to attract people to us, we start noticing that others are seeing us as someone of influence, someone they can learn from and someone who they want to get to know and trust more!

I love it when we can create curiosity on social media and then watch followers become interested in our posts or content enough to ask for more information! That is one very effective way of how Attraction Marketing can help you draw more people into your profile and maybe even buy from you or become a business partner down the track.

“Your Facebook profile needs to be one that entices people enough that they want to follow you and watch your journey”! 

My last weeks post discusses more of that HERE

People will automatically be attracted to others who know what they are talking about. Make sure you become an expert in your niche and are teaching the information you are learning to others in your industry. This will create you as someone’s of influence who others will want to learn from, get to know more and over time trust enough to be a lifelong follower/buyer.

You do have to remember that on Facebook, people are there to be sold on your “LIFESTYLE” not sold on the business you have or the products you promote. So make sure your posts are showing your true lifestyle, your behind the scenes every day laughs and struggles and honestly just the real YOU.

Don’t be afraid to share your life as that’s what will attract your true target market…..who doesn’t want like-minded people following them and then potentially doing business together…..it’s so rewarding when your followers and contacts which have similar interests and lifestyle to you, end up becoming your business partners and making an amazing journey together through life and business.

One of the most rewarding attributes of this industry is to attract your tribe who all believe in the same qualities and values in life!!!

My video today gives you more insight into how you can use Facebook to attract others to you and evolve yourself as someone’s who’s more credible in the industry that others learn to trust and look up to…..check it out!



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Remember, people follow YOU first, so create a fun, authentic, curious driven profile that followers feel excited about and connected to!!


Create Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend.
Janelle Emma xx

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