I want to ask you these questions!!

Are you happy in your life? Are you being your authentic self? There are people out there stuck in a rut, stuck in the daily grind of life!!! Are you one of them? are you happy with the way your life and future is heading?


I asked the AMAZING Kari Christie to share with me her journey in our profession of Network Marketing. Ive known Kari long enough now to completely see her change and grow into such an amazing leader and mentor for her whole organization…..Kari inspires me on a daily basis and I am thankful every day that she has been bought into my life and is apart of my now extended family!! Check out her video and see why she is a big believer in how Network Marketing can change your whole life around.

Shes pretty dam AMAZING right!!!!

You will notice in the video that Kari mentions the amazing benefits of what RESIDUAL income can do for your family long term- check out my blog HERE on how beneficial residual income is, if you didn’t already know!!!!

There are so many benefits to joining a Network Marketing company and here are my fav’s

  • Residual Income (leveraged income is the bomb)!! UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS IS-TRULY
  • Time Freedom (pick your hours, pick your days, spend the quality family time you desire)
  • Work from home or whatever location you choose (no getting up when the alarm clock tells you and being stuck in traffic each way to and from work)
  • Flexible hours (This one is huge for people like Kari and I, having kids at your feet all day means you really need to use your time wisely and when it suits you and I love that!!
  • You are your own boss (all the choices and decisions in running the business are made by you, no one looking over your shoulder or living by someone else’s rules)
  • Building a great network of friends (I can not believe the amount of people and friend i know have in my life)
  • Having full on the job training while you get paid with full support and dedication from your more experienced business partners- Love it!!

I hope you take the time to watch her amazing video and take a look into network marketing as a side income or something that you want to do to contribute immensly to your family.


Janell Emma xx




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