A Mum’s SIMPLE Guide To Growing Your Network & Value Through Facebook Groups.


You’re a mum on a mission who is driven to succeed in whatever she does, especially this home business you love!! You know you need to build credibility and you want to be creative…But………..you have limited time during the day to get things done & you know your kids will be on school holidays next week, or maybe you have a swimming carnival, a birthday party and a night out with your husband this weekend?

Does this sound familiar?


Being a Mum and running the household, AND giving time to your business can be a struggle. (Believe me, I know! My husband is FIFO, so I am Mum and Dad half the time!) 


It can be challenging trying to be creative with your business, build credibility for yourself around the audience who follow you, or who you want to follow you AND, do all of this quickly and in a simple way around family life. So when I looked at creating a challenge that helps solve my followers pains or desires, I decided that it has to be simple and in the least amount of time possible ………Can that really be done? yes it can!! It can all be done in a way that feels simple and fits around your families schedule.

I wanted to put together a challenge that not only was simple and quick for me to execute. But a challenge that really bought awareness to my audience on whatever the topic and challenge is about. You want people to know they can come to you to help them solve their problems.

In todays video and topic I discuss how I executed a 14 day challenge in my own Facebook health group that I run, based around some of the issues I know people have with their health and wellness.






The workbook that goes along with today’s blog post & video, will walk you through step-by-step exactly how I executed this 14 day challenge in a simple, quick way around my kids daily schedule. I also want to point out, that I ran this challenge over the school holidays (I’m crazy I know!!) But, there’s no way I could have done that if it wasn’t working in my favour using the least amount of time in my day to execute it daily.


If you want to check out my own personal challenge that I promoted to my own network as an example, you can head over to my personal health and wellness group by clicking this link and request to join the group (I will accept you) and then use the search bar to type the hashtag #14days into the search bar to see all of the posts I did over the 14 days. Hopefully this can help you along side the workbook to see how easy and simple this challenge was to do.



I hope you gained loads of value from todays post? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!!! If you feel this information could benefit your team, feel free to share with them so they can also use a Facebook group to educate and help their followers while gaining more credibility in the process.

Keep Creating Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend!!

Janelle Emma x

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