7 Most Popular Reasons For Having A Facebook Business Page In Network Marketing


In my last video I walked you through how you can use your free Personal Facebook Profile to build your network marketing business. There are some pros and cons for using just your profile or going to the effort of creating a Facebook business page. So, in today’s video I wanted to go over some of the most popular reasons why you would want to start and build a business page for your network marketing success. Check the video out for full insight.



There are so many more benefits to having a Facebook Business Page than these 7 below, but today I wanted to go over the most popular ones to help you in understanding some of the amazing reasons why a business page is a great marketing strategy for yourself.

Here they are:

1: You can have an unlimited number of fans on your business page:

Build yourself a strong following of like-minded people who enjoy learning from you and who get great value from what you put out to the market place. 


2: You can have categories with custom functions on your business page:

I just love that you have access here to promote any services, offers, events, even your own newsletter subscription can be set up on your business page with you email auto responder. (this picture below shows you where these categories can be customised)



3: You can run “Targeted Ads” to get traffic, emails, likes and engagement:

This is super powerful as it helps you to really target your own “target market” and the specific audience you want to attract to your content and posts. Targeted ads can be very effective in getting leads from people who no doubt are already looking for information that you are offering.

The other reason it is so effective is because you can add in specific features as well, such as gender, hobbies, interests, or even the movies they like. You can even break it down by neighbourhood if you wish. During the design process, you’re also given an estimation of the total reach of the advertising and it’s estimated cost so you always have an idea of what your cost to conversion ratio could be.


4: You can schedule posts without using a third-party app like hoot-suite or post planner:

I love with your own business page you have the option to schedule as many posts as you like through your “publishing tools” to keep yourself on track. I also love that it doesn’t have to be through a third-party app to schedule your posts as Facebook would much prefer you not to use those third-party apps for scheduling and will in fact give your posts more reach if they aren’t through a scheduling app like Hoot-suite or Post Planner!


5: You get full “Insights” into everything that is happening on your page:

You can access all the stats and information you like regarding how many people are watching your videos, what time of day is best to post, the best times you are getting the most engagement, how many views and likes your posts and videos are getting…..the statistics are endless and I love that we have these insights to help us learn what is working for us in our business and whats not.



6: You can link any of the groups you have created to your business page:

I love that this new feature is available as not only are people now learning about the person you are and the value you want to provide through your groups, but they can click from your group to head over to your business page and really then see YOU as well on your business page…..this is what helps to build that “social proof” and your followers and group members then get to know and trust you even more on a deeper level.


7: You can “boost” your existing posts:

If you have posts that you have already created and you are seeing that they are getting a lot of “organic” reach, why not use the “boost post” function and get that post out to an even bigger audience with more reach and visibility very quickly.

It’s also very quick and easy to boost a post and pick the type of audience, location, cost of the boost daily and how much engagement you want to get. The picture below will give you an example.


Was this of value to you? I appreciate any extra tips or pointers that you would like to post below on this topic.

Please share with your team if you think they would get value from this as well.

Keep creating Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend.

Janelle Emma xx

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