5 Ways To Promote Your MLM Products Online Properly

We all see it!! The spammers who are out their, holding a product in there hand, showing you every single thing that’s in the product, the name of the product and the name of the company.

Do you feel that doing that is the best way to get your products out there to the masses? 

I know, I know, we all love our products and love what they have done for us and others around us, but have a think about whats going to happen if all you do is plaster your products name and descriptions all over social media. People love negativity and love to gossip they also love google and will go on there at any second to find something wrong with what your promoting. Google tells us anything and everything, good and bad, so instead of letting people THINK that they know the product or what it is your promoting by doing their own “homework” on google, create more curiosity for them so they feel they want to come back to you and ask you more about what your promoting.

Five examples of creating curiosity around what it is you promote are:

  1. Tell you own story or testimonial with the products.
  2. Share other people’s testimonials that relate to the person you’re talking to.
  3.  Hold the product in your hand, or show a picture of a smoothie, or pic of you on holiday (depending on what company you’re with).
  4. Have competitions and challenges and give people a free product at the end for winning.
  5. Give out samples of your products, people will try if its free, and Xmas is a great time for that.


Why not share some of your favourite ways to promote your products that create curiosity.

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Janelle Emma xx

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