I completely understand why anyone would want to learn the steps to becoming an authority in whatever business they are involved in, wouldn’t it be nice everyday to wake up to people reaching out to you wanting your advice, service, business or products!! Wouldn’t it be nice to actually be looked up to and be totally respected in the community?? Well, I learned from a training video that there are some valuable steps to take in order to get this to happen……..Here they are.

  • 1: HAVE A Vision

Who do you want to become, how do you want to be known? Stop focusing on the money you need and instead focus on who you want to become!

See yourself in a better situation than you are currently in without justifying where you are.

You have to see yourself as better than where you currently are.

Get rid of whatever is holding you back in your mindset. (love this one, something to definitely work on)



Be confident to decide that you are worthy of taking success.



The fastest way to become authority- TEACH

When a webinar is done, shoot a video on 3 things you learned in this webinar- but dont talk about results or life experience, people care about how you can help them!!!

Invest in your education, knowing its creating your platform of value.

Blogging is the very best way!! Create content that teaches people something

Authorities control the place at which their people reach out ie: Blog (not facebook or social media)



Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated. There are more people wanting education not providing it!!

You must learn to find new contacts or people to make friends with daily.

Serve those new people you have become friends or acquaintances with and have solutions to their problems.

Engage them.

You want to be someone who attracts clients and people to you in a marketing sense, dont chase people.



There are many training videos and content online that can help you do this right, if your stuck, give me a yell and I can show you some places that I go to, in order to learn new content to put into practice.


Thanks for reading!!

See you again soon

Janelle Emma xx



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