Overcome These 5 Obstacles To Keep Momentum In Your

Network Marketing Business

In today’s video I share with you some of the obstacles that I work through and overcome in my business each and every day to keep me moving forward. Check it out!


It so hard to keep your posture and momentum high if your always worried about what hasn’t gone right or what didn’t work each day. Flip your mindset and make it a goal each day to tell yourself to always look at what DID go right, what things you learned that you can teach to others and what you can work on to move forward.


“The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over,

expecting to get a different result”!


Evaluate your daily actions. Work out what obstacles seem to pop up frequently and put a plan together to overcome them.



Here’s the top 5 obstacles I feel that I am overcoming and improving on.

1: Lack of Belief in yourself

2: Become a people person

3: Focus on solutions, not problems

4: Control your emotions

5: Get better perspective and have a plan in place

~~ My video above goes into detail on each of these 5 points.



I love reminding myself that we can’t avoid obstacles in our business, but we can put strategies and focus in place for ourselves to make sure that if an obstacle or problem arises, we know exactly how to look at it, asses it, re asses what to do quickly and move forward.

It can be so hard to gain momentum once you have lost it, so why not keep the wheels turning, keep momentum high and have set things in place for yourself to have that bulletproof mindset and laser focus to keep moving forward.

Did you get value from this? I hope so, why not drop your thoughts below on some obstacles that have come up for you and how you resolved them to move forward.

Keep creating Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend.

Janelle Emma xx

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