5 Must Have Qualities Of A 6-7 Figure Earner

I’ve never learned so much information and gained so many nuggets from a 2 hour training than I did from the very private Simon Chan meeting I was at this October 2017. That guy sure has had a journey and knows his stuff.

If you don’t know who Simon Chan is, he’s the founder of MLM Nation and is well-known among the network marketing community as the “Oprah” of MLM!!

There was stacks of notes I took from Simon that day and some others that I will most definitely be sharing in the future but I really loved some of what he shared on these 5 qualities that 6 & 7 figure earners have…….check it out! 



Here are the 5 qualities that 6 and 7 figure network marketers have:

1: They Visualise

6 and 7 figure earners spend a lot of time seeing themselves in the future….they dream! One thing that Simon asked us was “At what age did we stop dreaming”? “At what age did we start dreaming again”? most of us have been “conditioned” over many years to think that dreaming is just time-wasting and that there is no meaning to it! 

We now know that there’s so much science and proof to understand how powerful visualisation really is.

2: They Think Long Term

They aren’t looking for the “get rich quick” scheme or the quick dollar. They know that building a strong and stable network is what creates that long-term legacy for years to come. They also don’t think that everyone they meet is their golden ticket to the big dollar and they understand that person could simply be their connection to a great referral.

3: They Invest In Themselves 

Leaders understand that you not only want to invest quality time in yourself to learn skill set and mindset strategies for long-term success, but you also need to invest your money into seminars, coaches, trainings etc to help your business grow. 

“Income always follows the change, the personal growth”


4: They Never Stop Recruiting 

Leaders always recruit even 2 people a month and never stop recruiting until they hit their long-term residual income. Simon Chan mentioned…..just because you are now earning an income you are happy with….ie: $20,000 per month, $90,000 per month, what ever that may be for you, that doesn’t mean you should stop prospecting and recruiting for your business. You want to make sure that you have been earning that specific income you want long enough to know that if you step away for a length of time that the income will always stay the same or continue to grow. 

5: They Have No Emotional Attachment To One Person 

They never focus on the ones not doing enough and have no emotional attachment to anyone who doesn’t seem hungry to make their own business a primary focus. Simon said to not make emotional decisions, make rational ones because at the end of the day, it’s about producing growth.

Bonus Tip:

This was not something Simon mentioned as part of his 5 qualities of a top earner, but its something that stuck with me since our training with Simon….and that is…….time management and valuing your time for those money-making activities. 

So what Simon mentioned was…..of course we want to be prospecting and following up daily for our business, but make sure to block out specific times that we do these tasks consistently every single day.

As a stay home mum I have always found time in my day to prospect, but it was never a specific time and I now have had that “ah ha” moment from Simon (who also has kids) that if we don’t block out that specific time to prospect etc, our family doesn’t really respect that time that we are using for those money-making activities. Simon mentioned to set a specific time and stick to it every day and soon you will see that the family will know that is your time to hustle and respect your business more for that reason….great tip right!!

Was this of value to you? It sure was to me, Simon is incredible and has been in this industry for over 10 years…he really does know his stuff and has come so far, with so much success. Why not drop a comment below with your favourite take away from this post….I’d love to hear it 

Create Consistent, Authentic, Kick Ass results my friend!

Janelle Emma xx



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