5 Mindset Shifts To Apply For Greater Impact In Your Business

One way to increase your success in this industry is to increase your influence and the way you impact others.

This truly comes down to mindset and you shifting yourself into a mindset of completely wanting to serve others first instead of purely thinking how this person can help you make money.

If you look at the industry top earners, they will all tell you and agree that true success in this business starts with your mindset. Read my previous post HERE that explains that further.

One way to increase your success in this industry is to increase your influence and the way you impact people. Become someone who is valuable and has valuable resources to give out to those in need.

Here below are 5 ways to shift your mindset:


 1: Change your mindset and thoughts from: “How do I make more money” to “How can I impact and serve more people?”

The money will always come if you’re putting vale out into the market place. So, if you go into this industry or in life with the thought process of “how do I serve and help more people”….The money will automatically follow that.

2: “How can I best use my time today, to impact and serve others?” 

Focus on the things in your life that have the greatest impact to help others and serve as many people as you can. You will make money as a by-product of that as a whole if you are in this right frame of mind and have daily strategies in place to help with that. Click HERE to download my free daily tracker that can help you with using your time wisely.

3: Change the way you look at selling!

Instead of having that mindset of “How can I sell more product” or “How can I sign up more people” think about it as “How can I HELP more people” instead. 

We are in the business of selling but we also need to understand that we wont sell anything unless we have our prospects and buyers best interests at heart. Take yourself out of the equation and understand you are doing this for your prospects needs, not yours.

4: Take the fear out of “Prospecting”

Prospecting can really cause a fear in people and slowly create this wall up which makes them want to speak to people even less!! 

Change that mindset and instead of using the word “Prospecting” why not just think about it as “How can I make more friends today?” or “I’m going to go out and make new friends today.” Shifting this thought process over to purely wanting to connect to just make more friends, totally takes the “hunting” feeling out of the situation.

5: Ask yourself: “How can I become more valuable to offer more value to the market place and the people I want to attract.”

This is where you need to look at investing time and money into yourself to make yourself someone of more value before you can then provide value to others.

Look at courses you can attend, books you can learn from, events you invest in and attend to grow your knowledge and value. From that, people will see you are someone worth following and worth buying from.

My video below goes over this a little more, check it out!

Why not shoot me a comment below with your own strategies on growing your mindset.

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx


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