5 Content Marketing Tips To Get You Started Right

1:  Be yourself, don’t copy others: It’s always a good idea to learn from others in your niche, especially top earners and people who have been experienced in your niche for a while, but there’s no use thinking you have to do exactly everything they do or that you have to be just like them. People will follow you for being true and authentic to you, so make sure that if you’re a certain type of person, or that you have a unique personality, that you then have to change that and by doing so it’s going to create you more success. It will come across as fake to a lot of people if you aren’t being your true self, and after a while you will get sick of putting on that act and go back to being you anyway. 

2: Have a clear “Call to action”: People are attracted to leaders, and leaders are very good at telling us what action or step to take next. Some examples are: “Visit my blog at ……” or “click here now for free training” or ” subscribe to my YouTube channel etc, doing this and having a clear call to action for your followers means that you can send them to other places that you use to help them learn even more valuable content from you.

3:Keep it simple: Don’t get hung up on all the hype of needing to learn and know every single thing about your niche straight away. Get good at learning 2-3 main aspects of your niche and once you’ve perfected those, share that with others (your team or your niche) and then move on to learning something new. Spreading yourself too thin by trying to learn too many different things at once will actually waste more time.

4:Share your content in 5 main places: Make a list of 5 different ways you will distribute your content. For example:

  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Groups you are in
  • Email list
  • Other social media platforms you use (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Blog/Website\

5: Think long-term: The content you create now, can be used over and over again, especially if that content is published on a blog or YouTube channel. The best part about doing these types of things is they don’t go away: Your blog/website and a YouTube channel are yours and if people are asking you the same types of questions about your niche or business over and over again, you then can send them to your blog, website or YouTube channel to take a look at the information that will help them with their concern or question without you spreading yourself too thin by answering the same questions all the time. It saves you time and they see you as more of an authority in your niche or industry.



If you are wanting help in learning how to create a blog or set up a YouTube channel, feel free to reach out and I can help you with that.

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Janelle Emma xx

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