3 Things You Should Be Doing To Empower & Inspire Your Team

When building a team and growing into the role of becoming a leader there are 3 things that you want to be doing consistently to empower and inspire your team.

Your team needs to feel Challenged, Appreciated and Part Of A Winning Team.

1: Challenge Them:

Give your team assignments and direction to help get them out of their comfort zone. We are so used to being given direction our whole lives from parents, school teachers and bosses that its hard to then step into our own business and drive ourselves each day the way we need to keep motivation high. So being the mentor to your team that can help them challenge themselves and keep moving forward is a great asset to yourself and your team. Some challenges could be:

  • A 90 day challenge
  • A step by step email or Zoom meeting for their first 48 hours in the business if you can’t be there face to face to give them training activities when they first sign up.
  • A challenge to help them qualify for a company incentive. Do the challenge with them.
  • Provide weekly extra training calls to help motivate and inspire.
  • Do your own team incentives with a small prize or gift at the end of the month.

2: Appreciate:

A huge factor in building better rapport with your team, is to make them recognised or celebrate their wins (big or small). Make them feel appreciated through:

  • Team Calls
  • Emails
  • Zoom meetings
  • Social media posts
  • Recognition at monthly team training’s
  • Do a “Monthly Spotlight” for someone who has been working hard the previous month. (you can do a small interview on them, which helps the rest of the team learn more about them and feel more connected to their other team members).

3: Be Part Of A Winning Team:

You don’t want to be one of those leaders who recruits team members, then your team never hear from you again!

If you’re not in the same areas as your team members or live close enough to meet up for team training’s etc, make the effort  to plug them into local meetings, events and training’s in their local area. 

Also have them apart on online groups that you have for your team so they can get questions answered and resolve any concerns they may have and also so they feel more connected to the rest of the team in other locations.

Online groups help them to also see other team members success and recognition’s on how they are building and recruiting.

4:  (bonus step) Help Your Team With Mini Goals:

I personally found that setting myself mini goals and letting my mentor know about them, made me more accountable and set my mindset up for better success due to the fact I could feel that if I can achieve mini goals, then why not set big ones and achieve them as well.

Why not ask your team to set some mini goals. Tell them to write their goals down, share their goals with you and put in place some actions to reach those goals.

The goals could be things like:

  • Recruiting their first 2 people.
  • doing their first home meeting.
  • making their first 3 phone calls.

If your team members feel they are supported by you and know they can come to you to help them achieve these mini goals, who knows what they will want to achieve next!! They will really start to feel part of a winning team. A team that’s full of support and encouragement and that’s what makes this whole process greatly increase retention rates and most of all DUPLICATION!

Just remember, you are going to want the success of others more that they want it themselves at first. Help them grow their belief, show them how others are doing it and having success, and give them daily action plans and direction that they can follow.

Remember you time is still valuable so, serve the hungry and motivated ones. Be there for the others when they decide to step up and work. Don’t let it pull you down if people enrol and then don’t take action. You can only try to encourage and know that its possible for them to have success if and when they decide they want it.

Take a listen to my video below for more insight

Was this valuable to you? I enjoy leadership very much and learning as much about it as I can to help keep my team inspired. I hope this information helps you to do the same for your team as well.

Keep being Amazing, Authentic and Inspiring

Janelle Emma xx

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