3 Steps To “Successfully Promote Your Products On Your Facebook Fan Page”

I strongly recommend that if you are wanting to promote your products, service or opportunity for your network marketing business that you get yourself a Facebook Fan Page (some people call it a business page).

There are many ways you can use a Facebook fan page and a lot of those include different strategies and techniques to “advertise” your posts and get more reach/eye balls on your content.

Today in my video I wanted to go through with you some of the free and very effective ways to use your Facebook fan page to get more engagement, interaction and sign ups for what you are promoting.

In my previous video I was discussing how you can promote your products in a way that makes you feel not so pressured to do so, by using the strategy I mentioned in the video. Click Here to check out that post, it may help you with knowing what to post on your Facebook fan page as well….

The 3 strategies to use when wanting to promote your products online through your Facebook fan page are:

1: Know Your Target Market:

Know your target market, their pains and struggles, know what keeps them up at night and how to solve their problems.

Do not pitch to them, this is not a pitch session, it is your chance to impact them and solve problems for the ones who would most likely be interested in your products.

If you are unsure of who your target market is: Click this link below to get my downloadable print out that can help you! 

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2: Create Curiosity:

Some examples of types of posts you could be doing are: 

  • Picture of you with a weight loss shake (not showing product name of course)
  • Before and after photos of yourself with make up, weight loss, skin care etc
  • Testimonials with all the amazing benefits you’ve gained from using a certain product.


3: Give a strong “Call To Action”:

We have to tell people what to do or they seriously wont even think about reaching out to us!!

Some good examples of effective calls to action are:

  • “Click this link below to download my video on how this product can help you”
  • “Type yes to learn how these two products helped me loose XYZ kilos in ….days”

Having a “Call To Action” is one of the most effective, yet simplest ways for getting people to interact with your posts.

Check this video below for more insight:

Creating Curiosity is a big must and is all about sharing simple but compelling stories without promoting your company or product name. Learn the art of enticing people who will help them to take action from what you post. 


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