3 Leadership Principles of Network Marketing

There are 3 leadership principles that I learned at a recent company event that I feel can be taught and applied with all network marketing companies. I love how I learn these things and can not only use them to my own advantage but help others apply these principles to their own business to help them move forward and take more action.

Here they are: 

Principle # 1
Follow The System:

Make sure that if your company has some sort of system or blueprint to follow, that you are following it! There’s no doubt that the leaders in your company are leaders due to the systems they followed every day to get to where they are now. 

As long as you follow it correctly, and know that it has a track record for success, why not take it on board and duplicate it through your team if you want the same results your leaders have.

Ask your leaders some pointers about how the system worked best for them and what they did to get to where they are. 

If the system includes things like: (but not limited to)….(these below are just examples) 

  • 15 Presentations a month (non negotiable) (home meetings/coffee shops/1 on 1/  3-way calls etc
  • 12 Training’s a month (non negotiable) quarterly events/monthly meetings/weekly training calls etc

Make sure you are doing what the system says….because it works! 

Start filling your calendar with meetings and calls, get yourself a diary or planner to track the amount of presentations you are doing each month and what training’s you’ve also plugged into.

Doing these steps will be what duplicates in your team and if the team can see you taking these sorts of actions, then they will too and you will soon spot the leaders among your team that you can work more closely with. Be consistent in your actions and remind yourself to have a  “no excuses” mindset. 

You can’t fail in this industry if you don’t quit

There is no guarantee in this industry……try not to focus on the money or the sign ups. That sort of thing will come by you providing more value to your people and leading them correctly. Also, don’t focus on the Nay Sayers or negative talk. There’s many people out there who know less about this industry than you do but still seem to have an opinion on it regardless of their knowledge. These are the people you want to avoid or have very high posture with. Be confident in knowing this industry, your company and the products well enough that it doesn’t matter what others say, they wont be able to knock your rock solid belief!!!

Principle #2
Always stay in control of your business

Think about how and where you’re inviting people to meet with you to show them your opportunity!

If the meeting is at your home or your favourite coffee shop, it’s already uncomfortable for the prospect unless they know you really well. This is where your actually making it easier for them to have an excuse to not turn up to your meeting.

Instead, let them feel more comfortable and at ease by having the meeting at your prospects own coffee shop or home. This not only makes them feel a little more at ease by being in their own environment, but they are also less likely to cancel on you because they feel more comfortable and open to what you have to show them.

Another good way to stay in control of your business is by “knowing the numbers” within your team and down-line.

Look at who is close to rank advancements and whoever needs the volume is the one who does the work. If this is you…… get to work and nut out a game plan for your team. Show up no matter what for your down line!!

If you are wanting to rank advance….you be the one to do the meetings, the follow-up and closing…let your team know you are there to support and mentor them through this. 

Leading by example is when duplication will start to unfold.

Principle #3
Always do what you say you're going to do 

Make a commitment to do for your team what you say you will do. 

You wont have a successful thriving business if you don’t help your team reach their goals as well.

In this video below I give you a very powerful and successful story about how one of the leaders in my company made the commitment to do what she had promised one of her down-line that she would do for them and it paid off BIG TIME with her keeping that commitment. Check it out!!

How well you lead determines how well you will succeed  “John C Maxwell”

Was this of value to you? If so, I greatly appreciate you sharing it with your team or comment below.

Keep Being Consistent, Persistent and Authentic 

Janelle Emma xx

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