About Me

Hello my name is Janelle. We are a family of 4 and live in what I think is one of the best parts of Australia, the Sunshine Coast!!

My kids are my life but so is living happy and financially stable to give my kids a great life filled with many lifelong memories that they remember.

My aim is to set our family up in a way that we can travel when it pleases us to our home towns in NSW and Tasmania to see our families and potentially travel to our favourite places around the world.

I always strive to be a great role model for my family and to be the best version of myself while pursuing my passion in the Wellness and Network Marketing industries. I’ve always have a passion for health and wellness, and it wasn’t too long ago that I found the company that I know I will be with forever due to the amazing health benefits I’ve had personally with my companies products! If you would like to read my personal testimonial, you can do that HERE!

Health and Happiness are a big part of our lives and being happy every day should be something we all aim for in life!!

Mindset, Personal Growth & Skill-Set are things I really enjoy learning and implementing daily, that I know will make my life the complete package of what I am dreaming of and aspiring to be!…..Never let someone tell you your dreams can’t be accomplished, they are your dreams-make them happen!!!



Tim (my man) works away in coal mining on a week on week off roster. The worst part about that roster is that he works an 8 hour drive away from where we live, and even though he catches the train/plane to get to work, it truly does suck that he isn’t at arms reach if something is to happen to one of us here on the coast. I constantly feel like we live a double life at the moment, but my goal is to change that quickly and bring him home!!

Our two girls are still very young and home with me each day and I couldn’t think of having it any other way!! I myself use to work in coal mining, so I completely know how and what my man does each and every week that he’s at work, as we use to do it together which was awesome.

I now am not just a stay at home mum but also have my own home based business which I truly love and am so grateful for. When I was looking for a home based business it did take me a while to find one that truly aligned with me and that is purely because I knew that when I found what I was looking for, I was wholeheartedly going to put my all into my business when I found the perfect fit for me. I absolutely love being a mum, but I felt like as my girls were growing that bit older that I was starting to lose my identity and passion in life. I’ve always been passionate about health, being proactive with my health and wanted some sort of career or business that I could sink my teeth into that involved that. The problem was, I didn’t want to take my time away from my girls or to have a high-end career that meant I would miss out on precious milestones….This is when I knew that the Network Marketing industry would be my vehicle to have the best of both worlds. I’m so glad that I have found my purpose with what I do now, some days I find it hard to juggle being a mum, running the house, running my business and also being there to spend quality time with my man when he’s home, but its something I know I will always push forward with as the end result is going to be so so worth it.



My goal is to inspire other mum’s like myself who want to give back in life, want to contribute to the family in more ways than one, have their identity back by finding their true purpose and to empower themselves and others to truly be their authentic, motivated, driven, hard-core, bad ass selves!!!!

I’m determined to constantly create a driven mindset, a daily action plan for myself and my family and be the positive influence my family and business ¬†deserve.